2 / 2022

The latest issue of the Polymer Week Magazine is full of tutorials, articles, and inspiration from worldwide polymer clay artists.


The cover star of this issue is Frode Bolhuis from The Netherlands.


Inside you will find interesting articles, interviews, and tutorials:

  • Interview with Carol Blackburn
  • Dots & Lines Necklace tutorial by Phyllis Cahill
  • Interview with Frode Bolhuis
  • Mica Magic tutorial by Ana Belchí
  • Article about Madiha Siraj
  • Wavy Necklace Tutorial by Delia Gerendi
  • Article written by Dan Cormier
  • Sunset Moth Necklace Tutorial by Andreea Corpodean
  • Ginkgo Earrings Tutorial by Una Mundzic
  • Article about Olga Chernyshova
  • Asian-inspired Brooch Tutorial by Noelia Contreras
  • Interview with Andy Bell
  • Eclectic Pendant Tutorial by Marina Andrei
  • Interview with Susie Kinzig
  • Contemporary Bugs Tutorial by Lucy Štruncová
  • Article about Heidi Helyard 
  • Article written by Lyne Tilt
  • Pods Brooch Tutorial by Annette Krammer
  • Contrasting Textures Tutorial by Maria Perez


88 pages
high-quality paper
published in English language

printed in the Czech Republic

Category: Paper Magazine