3 / 2019 - PDF

PDF version of the magazine. In each issue of Polymer Week Magazine, we strive to bring you wonderful tutorials, new ideas, inspiration, and tips for working with polymer clay. This issue is no exception and we hope you will enjoy it!

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In this issue, you will find incredible tutorials from Lyubov Elovskaya, Edita Orlova, Marko Lovrenski, Dana Ditzová, Meike Lucia Friemel, Anna Ageeva, Ana Belchí, and others. You might be inspired by an interview with Kathleen Dustin, Iris Mishly, and Pavla Čepelíková. Inside you will also find articles about Anastasia Arinovich's work, the story of Maryana Kopylova and Alisa Lariushkina, inspiration by Jana Lehman, Eva Thissen, and much more!

68 pages
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