Silkscreen Set - Ana Belchí


Set of five silkscreen templates designed by Ana Belchí, made from high-quality materials for perfect printing on polymer clay.  


Each set includes five silkscreens 10 x 11 cm, one plastic card, and a printed tutorial with inspiration.




"Every time Lucy writes to me to propose something I reply with a resounding YES. She has a very clear, particular, and excellent vision of what she wants to do. But she is also able to see things in me that I hadn't even considered and makes them come out. The result of our current collaboration are these magnificent silkscreen sets with which both, you and I, are going to let our creativity run wild."

Ana Belchí





Silkscreen printing is a method of printmaking in which a design is imposed on a screen of polyester or other fine mesh. Paint or other mediums are forced through the mesh openings by sliding a card or squeegee forcing the paint through the mesh onto the clay or other material surface. When the screen is removed, the paint remains on the substrate surface. The technique allows finely detailed printing.

Category: Silkscreens