Bundle of all our products

A perfect gift for every polymer clay enthusiast! 

Get a bundle of all our products and 15 blocks of Cernit clay for free. 



This product includes:

• book A New Generation of Polymer Clay
  high-quality printed book including 27 tutorials and stories about polymer clay artists from all over the world

• Stamper Tool
  a great helper for pressing textures into polymer

• 9 Texture Stamps
  each package includes negative and also positive stamps which bring you more possibilities for your clay art

• 15 Acrylic Paints
 high-quality paints for working with polymer clay

• 6 Polymer Week Magazines
our latest magazines full of inspiration, articles, interviews, and tutorials

• 12 Silkscreen Sets 
  a brand new product, silkscreens (36 in total) for printing on polymer clay with beautiful patterns

• 3 Paper Notebooks 
  hardcover notebooks, each containing 50 pages of high-quality paper

 15 blocks of Cernit polymer clay for free

Category: Tools